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Comfort Keepers In Home Care in San Mateo, CA

Comfort Keepers In Home Care in San Mateo

With the vision of providing best quality in home care services to the seniors of San Mateo Comfort Keepers is serving here and the nearby areas for more than 15 years now. Throughout this long journey of providing care for the seniors Comfort Keepers have grown with time and have developed a lot. This journey has been one of pure joy for each and every member of the team Comfort Keepers. The joy of helping others and to mean something to many families is surely rewarding and enlightening to the staff. 

Comfort Keepers In Home Care of San Mateo has been providing expert elder care services all throughout San Mateo. The services provided include:

●    In-Home Care
●    Interactive Caregiving
●    Respite Care
●    Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care
●    End of Life Care
●    Transitioning Home 

In each and every aspect of their services they are constantly striving to surpass their previous level of expertise and excellence. They are constantly working towards further improvements. They are incorporating newer and more developed strategies, techniques and technologies to enhance the caregiving scope and skills. Besides, they are always co-operating with many individuals, government bodies and other private organisations so that not even a single effort to reevaluate and improve is left untouched. 

All the caregivers working with Comfort Keepers In Home Care of San Mateo have been in the service for quite a long time now, hence are vastly experienced in all the aspects and intricacies of providing care to the seniors. They are aware of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impacts of caregiving on seniors so well that they are able to produce the best possible effects on the lives of the seniors. Due to their invaluable services hundreds of seniors and their families here in San Mateo have seen much better days and have been able to fight the troubles of declining years successfully.  

With the Interactive Caregiving approach in the core of their caregiving philosophy Comfort Keepers will keep on providing care to San Mateo seniors and will keep on striving to bring lights to the families in need of care and support. Just like they have been happily doing for so many years with massive impact! 

Call the San Mateo Comfort Keepers In Home Care team today for a free in-home consultation. 

Seniors in San Mateo

As the growth of the county continues the population too is very rapidly on the rise here in San Mateo. Just twenty five years ago the region was an accumulation of few scattered villages and a population of only ten thousands. But now due to speedy progress and development the population has increased to almost four times and it is still growing. From 2000 to 2010 the total San Mateo population has increased 1.58% and it is estimated to rise up to 9% to 2030. But what is surprising is that the most rapidly growing section of the populace is the seniors in San Mateo. The total number of seniors here increased from 83,259 in 2000 to 99,436 in 2011. That is an astounding 19% of growth. What is even more frightening, it may seem that, it is estimated to increase up to 89% till 2030 from that of 2000. 

Just like the other parts of the Bay area San Mateo too has a diversified populace of various races and cultures. The seniors here are from different races however mostly white. Among the seniors 70% are whites, 22% asian, 3% are African Americans, and 1% belongs to other races. The seniors density in the San Mateo county is mostly intense in Daly City, South San Francisco, and San Mateo. Gradually San Mateo is becoming very popular among the seniors of other states to move here for favorable weather conditions, natural setup, availability of recreational options and high quality affordable care facilities. 

However, with this large number of senior population San Mateo is also infected with some grave problems. It is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. The housing costs are gradually skyrocketing and with the increase in populations it is going to become even more problematic. Currently, 7% of San Mateo seniors are living below the FPL poverty line but approximately more than 36% of them, even after living above the line, struggle to cover the basic expenses. Along this line the problems that the seniors here in San Mateo face are the following-

●    Access to Proper Food and Nutrition
●    Physical and mental illnesses
●    Lack of affordable care facilities
●    Lack of Affordable Health Care and Insurance
●    Homelessness and Isolation 
●    Senior Transportation Facilities 

To deal with all these serious problems Comfort Keepers San Mateo is working round the clock along with other government and private organizations and care facilities. But as with the growth of population the difficulties are increasing even more rapidly. So, the caregiving procedures and efforts also have to be re-assessed and remodeled accordingly. Comfort Keepers San Mateo is dedicated to work towards solving these and to take more sterner efforts to alleviate the problems that beset the seniors of the region and to present them with a happy and carefree life standard.

History and Culture of San Mateo

San Mateo is a county endowed with above the average natural beauty. It has the ocean on one side and the hills on the other. Peace and serenity would be the perfect words to describe what you would find here. But not only that, the urban progress too is noticeable here to quite a large extent. The industrial and technological growth throughout the San Francisco Bay area has not left San Mateo untouched. Cities like Burlingame, Easton, Redwood City, San Mateo, South San Francisco and Hillsborough are alreading blooming with high financial activity and pulsating with urban vibration. 

Although the history of urban San Mateo is not of long, the original history of the region dates back to early eighteenth century when the spanish explorers were scouring the peninsula for colonizing and spreading Christianity. The early historical details of San Mateo can be obtained from the archives of the Mission Dolores. 

In 1776 Lieutenant Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza, Padre Pedro Font, Lieutenant Jose Joaquin Moraga, and eleven soldiers first arrived here and noticed the region as a suitable place for setting up an outpost for the mission in San Francisco. In 1789 they named a Native American village along Laurel Creek as Los Laureles. However now, the most of the laureles have been lost due to establishments and housings. In 1793 they established an outpost mission here in San Mateo to spread Christianity among the native ohlone people who were already inhabiting the land for more than four thousand years before them. The outpost also served as a center for monitoring agricultural production in the area and supplying them to nearby missions and military establishments. 

San Mateo back then and still now has very fertile land and is very rich in agricultural production. It seems that the whole county is wrapped in flower gardens and vines. Almost all the residents here are very fond of floriculture and all the households have their own gardens and landscapes filled with greeneries. Floriculture has a very deep roots in the culture of San Mateo. 

After the separation of mexico from the spanish crown in 1822 San Mateo fell under mexican control and enjoyed more secularization and land segmentation. Due to this some residents began to own vast lands as ranches. Some of these ranches are so vast that the present City of San Mateo only covers a portion of just the two of them - Rancho San Mateo and Rancho de las Pulgas.

With time various other progressive forces like the stagecoach station established in 1849 and the railroad development in 1861 facilitated much faster growth of the county. Buildings started to be erected along the tracks mostly in the area of Main Street and Railroad Avenue. Basically this was the beginning of Downtown San Mateo. Afterwards due to this developed transportation system San Mateo began to attract some wealthy San Franciscans to acquire lands here and to build summer houses and holiday recluse. Many historically significant buildings and mansions, like the Seven Oaks, Howard Estate, Parrot Estate, Borel Estate, Hayward Park, were built here in San Mateo during this period.

Growth of the county continued as more people and businesses kept on following in. To ensure clean water for the residents and to spur even more growth Crystal Spring dam was built on San Mateo creek under supervision of the head engineer, Herman Schussler. Moreover, with the advent of technological industries throughout the Bay area San Mateo too got its rightful place within the enclave of Silicon Valley. Companies like Roblox, Coupa, PlayStation, Marketo and GoPro are based in and operating from San Mateo now.

After San Mateo was incorporated and officially became a town in September 3, 1894 Japanese immigrants started arriving here to work in the flower industries and the salt ponds. Japanese people now account for almost 2.2% of total San Mateo population and have a major cultural impact on the overall cultural vibe of the county. In 1906 San Francisco was severely damaged due to a major earthquake in the region and many affected people from there came to San Mateo for building a new place to live. This resulted in an increase in the population of San Mateo back then. 

However, at present the population of San Mateo is increasing even more rapidly because of its being in the super fast development phase. Most of its cities are growing both in terms of increasing homes and financial setups and are expected to boom even more.

Senior Care Facilities in San Mateo

The thoughts of old age is naturally fearful to one’s mind. With age life’s charms starts to fade and meaning seem to become elusive. Along with it come various diseases and illnesses paired with natural weaknesses of the body and the mind. During this phase of life one needs the support and care from others the most. To be this support for our San Mateo seniors there are quite a few number of care facilities and senior home care services providing quality care here in San Mateo. 

The necessity of proper care for the seniors is indispensable. No society as a whole can be happy and prosperous without taking care of the wellbeing of each and every element of that society. And if the seniors of the locality is not taken care of and properly provided with the necessities in order to lead a healthy, happy and carefree life that society too won’t be able to be happy and prosperous as a whole. Hence the necessity of well developed senior care facilities like Comfort Keepers San Mateo is pivotal. Comfort Keepers San Mateo are working here for years in co-operation with other government and non-government bodies to provide care to our seniors and to maintain peaceful existence in the society. 

Apart from Comfort Keepers there are quite a few amount of nursing homes and care facilities available to the seniors of San Mateo. We have hundreds of professional and experienced caregivers serving round the clock to ensure the best possible care to the seniors. Department of Health Care Services, California Department of Public Health, California Department of Aging and Social Services Agency are the main government bodies engaged in facilitating, organizing and monitoring statewide elderly care services and support. These institutions regularly observe and regulate all the care facilities and care standards throughout the region. They are also providing comprehensive economic and legal assistance to the seniors of San Mateo along with co-operating with all the other private care facilities to cater for each and every need of them. 

There are some of the very effective elderly care programs that are currently run by the government. The Adult Day Health Care (ADHC), Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS), The Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services Program, Area Agencies on Aging, Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP), Local Multipurpose Senior Service Program (MSSP), Supportive Services Program etc. are the major such programs. Yet there remains a vast scope for other private elder care facilities to take part in enlivening the lives of San Mateo seniors.

However, it is a matter of regret that even after so much efforts and so many care facilities and institutions there is a significant portion of our senior populace who are still not properly cared for. In most of the cases such situations occur due to financial causes and due to the unavailability of proper knowledge and information. In this circumstance government bodies along with all the private organisations have a great role to play. 

Newer economic measures have to be adopted and more advanced home care and health care facilities have to be established. Caregivers have to be trained and encouraged and the number of enrollment in the caregiving career has to be boosted up. Apart from this some all round awareness building programs should also be implemented. Whatever may be the required efforts are; Comfort Keepers San Mateo is dedicated to fulfill them from their own standpoint and through effective collaboration. Above all we are here to reach to every such seniors to kindle within their breast that celestial light of life once again!

Notable San Mateo Seniors

San Mateo is home to many distinguished seniors. Many seniors living here in San Mateo are globally famous and immensely successful in their respected fields. 

Have a look at the most prominent San Mateo seniors here: 

●    Michael Allen, professional golfer

●    Jane Baker, first female Mayor of San Mateo

●    Joseph Eichler, real estate developer

●    Dennis Haysbert, actor

●    Lee Mallory, poet

●    Lynn Curtis Swann,  football player, broadcaster, and politician

●    Neal Schon, Rock Guitarist


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