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Comfort Keepers In Home Care of Redwood City, CA

Comfort Keepers In Home Care in Redwood City

Among the in home care services Redwood City, Comfort Keepers is one of the most popular and well reputed within the local people. Comfort Keepers has been running senior care services here for more than 15 years now with a proven track record of impacting senior lives and families with grand success. 

All the caregivers from Comfort Keepers Redwood City are trained professionals with many years of personal experience in administering elder care to hundreds of seniors throughout Redwood City and the nearby areas. Through their expertise, knowledge and dedication Comfort Keepers have brought light to hundreds of families requiring senior care and have shown many of our beloved seniors that life can be lived just as you want to live even in your declining years. 

Our philosophy is to bring exactly this realisation that age can be successfully dealt with as a pure psychological phenomenon and even when you are aging you can be as revived and as lively as you were in your youth. Hence the Interactive Caregiving approach from Comfort Keepers In Home Care Services Redwood City. Through this Interactive Caregiving philosophy our Comfort Keepers engage our beloved seniors in their very own care receiving responsibilities and regular day to day activities along with involving them in various socio-cultural and spiritual activities. In this way our seniors get the feel of life anew even in their declining age and feel independent and being able to care for their own. 

Comfort Keepers elder care Redwood City offers a full range of Senior care services to our Redwood City Seniors. The services include but is not limited to:

●    In-Home Care
●    Interactive Caregiving
●    Respite Care
●    Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care
●    End of Life Care
●    Transitioning Home

To maintain top quality in all of our offered services we only enroll caregivers after rigorous screening and trainings sessions. Hence, the trust that Comfort Keepers incites is still unbroken. Our Comfort Keepers are dedicated professionals; truly passionate about this divine vocation of caregiving from their heart. 

In all of our In home care services Redwood City we try to excel beyond the mundane and strive to give you the best senior care experience from every aspect possible.

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Seniors In Redwood City

Seniors are an integral part of every community, society and economy. Caring for seniors, therefore, are one of the core principles of our communities. Comfort Keepers In Home Care Services Redwood City is a dedicated senior care service providing institution experienced in providing best quality care to Redwood City seniors and to help the community as a whole. 

Though senior density in Redwood City is comparatively lower than other cities of San Mateo county seniors population here is on the rise. According to the US census data 2010 among the total population of 76,815 only 10% are seniors here in Redwood City. However, within 2030 the senior population of the city is estimated to increase up to 89% than that of 2000. Among the total population 44.0% are white, 38.8% hispanic/latino, 10.5% asian, 2.2% black/African American and 1.0% Native Hawaiian. 

Like all the cities and counties of California, Redwood City seniors enjoy a great quality lifestyle. State of the art hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, quality accommodation facilities and Redwood City Home Care Services like Comfort Keepers make it sure here in Redwood City that our beloved seniors never feel any lack of love, respect and care. But what makes Redwood City different from all the other cities of California is the climate here. As the city slogan once asserted proudly “Climate Best By Government Test.”

Yet after all the care facilities and modern amenities being available here, there are some seniors who are not taken care of properly or adequately. Or perhaps are not in a position to receive proper care. May be because of economic constraints or due to lack of information. Although California is estimated to be the most affluent among the states of America yet economic drawback is felt there in quite a few areas. Quite a considerable amount (about 7%) of senior population here in California are living below the Federal Poverty Line (FPL) and many are even below the Poverty Line itself. Besides, around 36% percent of total senior population in San Mateo struggle to meet up to their basic expenses although their income well exceeds the federal poverty line. 

As a result many of our Redwood City seniors are not in a position to afford or get in touch with senior care services Redwood City along with facing various other problems like getting proper medical attention, health and nutrition deficiency, food, transportation and so on. In some cases our seniors may not even getting the proper information on government funded senior care programs in Redwood City nor could get the benefits they should get from there. Moreover, the problem of high housing cost is also causing trouble to a significant portion of our senior population

Amidst these conditions we may say that although we are doing great in elderly care Redwood City and are successful in ensuring best quality life standard for most of our seniors we have to do even more for doing the same for all the seniors living here. Comfort Keepers senior care Redwood City is determined in bringing about this progress in the community.

History and Culture of Redwood City

Redwood City is the County seat of San Mateo County and is a booming port city situated on the San Francisco Peninsula in the Bay area of Northern California. It is the oldest city in the San Francisco Peninsula. The city has an intensely rich cultural background and a very long and varied history of its development. Comfort Keepers Senior Care Services Redwood City presents to you a comprehensive study on the history and culture of Redwood City here.  

In ancient times the present day Redwood City area along with all of California was inhabited by the Ohlone native Americans until the Spanish and Mexicans started to arrive and take control of the region for colonizing the area and spreading Christianity in the eighteenth century. Their purpose was to expand their trade, commerce and military presence throughout the area. 

Before their arrival the native Americans used to live a natural life with hunting, fishing and farming as their main source of livelihood. Even after the onset of colonization the area where the two counties of San Mateo and Santa Clara is located were mostly used for securing agricultural production and supplying to nearby military and commercial establishments. During this Spanish-Mexican regime this whole area where the present day Redwood City is located was under the Rancho de Las Pulgas owned by the Arguello Family of Mexico well into the 1950s till its incorporation as a town. 

After California became a part of the United States in 1848, then all the area belonging to the ranch was sold in parts to individuals and businesses. And from then on Redwood City is an incorporated town under the governance of the State of California, United States of America. Back then the city was known as Mezesville according to the name of Simon Mezes, who is considered to be the founding father of the city. Mezes donated vast areas of land that belonged to him around the present day Broadway for building the first courthouse. This primary courthouse has undergone several reconstructions over time and have reached the present form that you can see today.  

From around the same time period of mid 18th century two of such historically significant occurrences began to take place - the California Gold Rush and the development of Redwood City as a port city for facilitating the supplies of wood from the nearby Redwood Forests and other goods and live stocks to San Francisco and other nearby areas along the Bay. This was actually the most significant turn of events that shaped almost all of the later developments of Redwood City and its becoming the county seat of the San Mateo County. It was in 1851 when the Redwood Creek was first discovered as such a suitable channel of easy transportation of woods and goods. 

Subsequently the port started to grow and it started to attract various other types of business that also found the creek and the port as a very useful channel for their business supply chain. Apart from lumber companies businesses dealing in shingles, grains, live stocks also began to throng in. Gradually ship building became a full fledged industry here and the whole port area started to thrive with commercial activity. This contributed to a massive extent to the overall growth and development of the City as a whole. 

With time railroad and other transportation facilities also crept in and spurred further developments plans around the Redwood Shores. Houses, parks, theaters, commercial setups, schools, library branches, medical facilities were being built. And now Redwood City is a immensely developed mixed city thriving with life energy and economic activity. Along with traditional businesses, trade and commerce, at present, Redwood City also harbors some of the high end technology companies like Oracle, Evernote, Wealthfront, Electronic Arts, Dream Works and so on. 

Along these lines the city has developed a unique combination of densely populated urban areas and some picturesque suburbias along with still rural hillside neighbourhoods. This mix up of varied atmosphere bestows upon the Redwood City a vibrant cosmopolitan vibration and makes it one of the most desirable places to move in and settle for a peaceful yet vibrant lifestyle for many Americans!

In Home Care Facilities in Redwood City

No society or community can be happy or prosperous without taking proper care of each and every segment of its population. Seniors are as much important a part of our society as any other portion of the demography. As our industries are relying more and more towards knowledge based workforce we see seniors are continuously playing an important role in economic growth and sustenance of the community as a whole to a great extent. Apart from that we also know that naturally in declining age we require more care and support than any other phases of our lives. 

In this line we can proudly assert that Redwood City senior care facilities are doing great in ensuring the proper care of the Redwood City Seniors. The seniors of Redwood City are very privileged to have quality in home care services in Redwood City. Both government and private sector senior care facilities are operating in collaboration to ensure the best quality care for our seniors. 

There are some government institutions that are working here for the betterment of our loved seniors. Among them Department of Health Care Services, California Department of Public Health, California Department of Aging and Social Services Agency are the main actors. They are engaged in facilitating many elder care programs Redwood City along monitoring all the other care facilities that are operating here and providing care to the seniors. Among the senior care programs that they run here  The Adult Day Health Care (ADHC), Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS), The Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services Program, Area Agencies on Aging, Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP), Local Multipurpose Senior Service Program (MSSP) and Supportive Services Program are the most significant ones. 

Along with government institutions and facilities there are some very well organised and developed senior care service providers in Redwood city comprising the in-home care industry here. There are also services solely focusing on a particular aspect of providing care such as some agencies are only concentrated on providing food and nutrition to our loved seniors and some are focused on transportation facilities. However, most of the private care facilities try to cover all of the caregiving services that can be offered. 

The services provided by the care institutions are all inclusive. Help with daily activities, 24 hours home care, assisted living services, In-home care, Respite care, elder care, meal services, housing assistance, financial assistance and so on. Recently Comfort Keepers Senior Care Services Redwood City has brought the caregiving procedures here to new heights with their dynamic Interactive Caregiving approach. 

But even after this huge number of in home care facilities and services we are not yet being able to care for each and every senior of Redwood City. Still there are seniors in need of love and care. Besides, as the population is on the rise and along with it the number of seniors too, so the government organizations should be more elaborate in their plans of development and should incorporate more speedy and enriched plans and programs. In this regard the private care institutions too will have to play a very significant role in overcoming obstacles and ensuring that not even a single senior remains uncared for here in our beloved city of Redwood City.   


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