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Comfort Keepers In Home Care of Palo Alto, CA

Comfort Keepers In Home Care in Palo Alto

Comfort Keepers is the most trusted name in in home care service providers in America. Comfort Keepers Home Health Care Palo Alto has been serving our cherished seniors of Palo Alto for over 15 years now. All through our administrative years we have helped many Palo Alto seniors to see better days in their declining years. We have conveyed joy to numerous families and have roused our adored seniors to seek after their lives with rigid energy. 

Comfort Keepers In Home Care of Palo Alto has brought the Interactive Caregiving approach into the arena of Senior Care Services in Palo Alto. With this Interactive Caregiving technique we have been giving our seniors what they generally aspire for-an autonomous living in their own homes. Also, through this, Comfort Keepers have effectively worked out a system that keeps our Palo Alto seniors socially dynamic; and physically and emotionally invigorated. 

Comfort Keepers have been giving an all-inclusive senior consideration to our Palo Alto seniors. Our services mostly include but are not bound by the following categories: 

● In Home Care: Giving 24 hours care and support to our cherished seniors inside the solace of their own homes. 

● Interactive Caregiving: Keeping our regarded seniors physically and rationally empowered, and socially dynamic. 

● Respite Care: Helping all the casual family caregivers in Palo Alto with all the bolster they require. 

● Dementia and Alzheimer's Care: Giving the best quality consideration to help our adored seniors with dementia or Alzheimer's. 

● End of Life Care: Making the last period of our cherished seniors in Palo Alto more content and less demanding so we leave in peace. 

● Transitioning Home: Making the move from hospitals, healing facilities or nursing homes to their own particular homes smoother and bother free. 


In all of our In Home Care services Palo Alto we dedicatedly and with commitment attempt to give a valiant effort. We guarantee that the trust is never broken. In this regard we just enlist devoted and master caregivers who truly have an enthusiasm for this altruistic work. In addition, we stay in steady scan for more up to date and more propelled systems and techniques to fortify our caregiving methodology significantly more.

Call the San Mateo Comfort Keepers team today at (650) 362-8643 for a free in-home consultation.

History and Culture of Palo Alto

In old times all of California and the encompassing zones were possessed by the Ohlone Native Americans. Contrasted with its neighboring locales Palo Alto had lesser number of Ohlone Native Americans possessing the territory when at long last Spanish colonizing powers came to Palo Alto and the adjacent area in 1769. However, this region was very little in use by the colonizers till 1827. 

After the Spanish and Mexican detachment in 1822 and from around 1827 numerous autonomous Spanish and Mexicans began to relocate in this area and started purchasing lands to build their farms, ranches and homes. Amid this period a significant number of such farmers and agriculturists came and built up numerous farms. Among a portion of the farms and homesteads Rancho Corte de Madera, Rancho Rinconada del Arroyo de San Francisquito, Rancho Cañada de Raymundo, Rancho Pastoria de las Borregas, Robles Rancho, Ayrshire Farm, Palo Alto Stock Farm and so on possessed the greater part of the terrains. Step by step these farms and ranches turned out to be more divided and now frames the most part of present day Palo Alto. 

A hefty portion of the chronicled names of streets, roads, parks and structures all over Palo Alto still bear the legacy of these Spanish torchbearers. Be that as it may, step by step landed proprietorships started to be given over to some well off Americans like Elisha Oscar Crosby, Peter Coutts, Leland Stanford and some others as they purchased lands in the locality amid 1875-76. 

In 1855 the township of Mayfield was shaped in the present day South Palo Alto locale. In 1886 Leland Stanford came to Mayfield with a perspective to establishing the Stanford University in memory of his child, who passed away of typhoid at a youthful age. He had a train stop made on Mayfield's Lincoln Street, now California Avenue, and proposed further improvements of the town alongside building up the new University. Nonetheless, he set forward a condition for the general population that there will be no more liquor in the town. Be that as it may, the general population there were exceptionally attached to liquor and rejected Stanford's proposition. Consequently, he needed to move somewhat north and begin chipping away at the establishing of the town of Palo Alto. He alongside his companion Timothy Hopkins began to purchase unlimited measure of grounds in 1887 for the new town. Which was at last framed as a Temperance Town in 1894. Furthermore, Stanford set up The Stanford University and a Train Stop on University Avenue in his new town. 

With time along the lines of rigid endeavors from Stanford, Palo Alto kept on developing and surpassed the adjoining Mayfield in size and advance. At last on July 2, 1925 Palo Alto voters endorsed the addition of Mayfield and the two towns converged into one big city on July 6, 1925. 

Presently, Palo Alto is a standout amongst the most costly urban areas of the nation and the tenants are the most educated in the country. A hefty portion of today's innovation organizations are currently running their operations from Palo Alto. Hewlett-Packard, VMware, Loral, Tesla Motors, Skype, IDEO and so on would be to give some examples. In addition, a significant number of our pivotal tech pioneers, as Facebook, Google, Pinterest, PayPal, Intuit, Logitech, had their roots here in Palo Alto.

In Home Care Facilities in Palo Alto

Seniors are the most regarded and adored portion of our lives, society and economy. We Love them; we regard them, we watch over them; and in particular we gain from them a ton. Subsequently, senior care and support for prosperity in senior lives ought to be one of the top needs of every society.

Senior care servicesPalo Alto are exceptionally good in class, quality and entirely satisfactory in number for the present senior populace and prerequisites. In this we can say with confidence that our Palo Alto seniors are exceptionally well cared of and their day by day needs are satisfactorily fulfilled. Be that as it may, in a few aspects of the senior care facilities Palo Alto has scope to further changes and improvements. 

In Palo Alto there are top quality private home care administration providers alongside some government senior consideration offices. At present the government and the private parties are working as one to guarantee the best quality consideration to Palo Alto seniors. 

To name a few of the best senior care facilities in Palo Alto -

  • Avenidas
  • Albert L. Schultz Jewish Community Center 
  • City of Palo Alto 
  • Group Association for Rehabilitation (CAR) 
  • Solace Keepers In-Home Care Services Palo Alto 

Apart from them, Department of Health Care Services, California Department of Public Health, California Department of Aging and Social Services Agency are the principle government administrative bodies that are running their consistent senior care programs in Palo Alto. 

What's more, there are some different administrations with regard for particular segment of caregiving in Palo Alto like food supplies, transportation administrations for seniors and aquatic treatments and so forth. 

In spite of the fact that our seniors are exceptionally well cared of by the accessible Senior Care Services Palo Alto, yet there are numerous seniors who are finding it difficult to reach the right care and support. The circumstance is going to wind up much more so as the senior populace increments. Indeed, even at present there are nearly 36% percent of senior populace reported confronting struggle while overseeing and keeping up their level of life standard and around 6% of them are now living beneath the poverty line. 

As indicated by the US census data 2010 Palo Alto had a populace of 64,403 among which 28.0% are aged between 45 to 64 and 17.1% are 65 years old or more. Among the populace the vast majority of them are Whites, Asian, Hispanic or Latinos. The populace from other races are exceptionally less in number. However with time the racial diversity in Palo Alto is estimated to increase. 

Somewhere around 1990 and 2000 the senior populace of Palo Alto has expanded fundamentally from 17.5% to 22%. What's more, in 2010 we can see that it had drastically expanded to 28%. Thus, the increment in the senior populace of Palo Alto is starkly obvious. It is for the most part in view of the wonder called the Graying of America, where the era termed as the Baby Boomers are bit by bit achieving their declining age. It might appear to be astounding that by 2030 the senior populace in Palo Alto is expected to encounter a 113% expansion. This is huge! 

In this way, there has arrived the time when our senior care services Palo Alto measures and plans must be reexamined with a specific end goal to enhance and improve the administrations and systems to watch over the quickly expanding senior populace sufficiently.


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