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Comfort Keepers In Home Care for Menlo Park, CA

Comfort Keepers In Home Care in Menlo Park

With the vision of providing the best quality senior in home care services to our loved seniors of Menlo Park and with the objective of ensuring care and support for each and every senior here, Comfort Keepers have been ceaselessly working in unison with the other senior care organizations. We have been serving the seniors and the families here with tremendous success in terms of maintaining a healthy, happy and active senior lifestyle.

All throughout our service years here in Menlo Park we have been able to help, support and care for hundreds of our loved Menlo Park Seniors and their families. Through all of our elder care services Menlo Park we have ensured the best possible life standard for our seniors and have enabled the families to experience better days through our Interactive Caregiving approach. 

Our service structure is all inclusive and through these services we take care of each and every aspect of senior lives.

Our services include but are not confined to the following categories: 

●    In-Home Care
●    Interactive Caregiving
●    Respite Care
●    Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care
●    End of Life Care
●    Transitioning Home

Apart from these main service areas we also offer all the industry leading care equipment and health safety and well-being technologies to our loved seniors in Menlo Park. 

In all of our in home care services we strive to maintain the unwavering best quality that the Comfort Keepers is known for worldwide. We always take conspicuous care to ensure that the trust is never broken. In this regard we only recruit professional and devoted caregivers and train them to be the best in the industry. 

Above all, we constantly keep searching for newer ways, tools and tactics to enhance our caregiving methodologies, techniques and resources. This way we also make ourselves prepared for the growing number of senior population here in Menlo Park. We keep growing up with our loved seniors and aim to ensure the best quality care for each and every one of our loved ones.

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History and Culture of Menlo Park

Menlo Park is one of the first regions to be considered as the enclave of wealth and privilege in the south of California. For a time being the concentration of wealthy estates and human power here were far greater than any other community in California. With the passing of time the past glory of Menlo Park has not faded away; instead now it has garnered so heavy a significance that outweighs its geographical and population size to a great extent.  

The recorded history of Menlo Park Dates back to 1769 when the Spanish explorers first reached the region after their epoch-making discovery of San Francisco Bay. Before this the region was populated by the Ohlone Native Americans who used to lead a very peaceful life here through collecting nuts, berries and fish. Like all the other regions of the peninsula the colonization of this region also began when the exploration party led by Juan Bautista DeAnza passed through the present day Menlo Park while he was going to establish the Presidio of San Francisco and Mission Dolores in 1776. 

During this time some of the Spanish and Mexican explorers, settlers and pioneers were granted huge areas of land as a reward for their contribution in the colonizing process. The largest of such grants was the Rancho de las Pulgas rewarded to the Arguello family in 1795. It covered a vast area of 35,260 acres and the present day Menlo Park along with other surrounding region fell within the boundaries of this Rancho de las Pulgas. 

In 1854 two Irishmen named Dennis J. Oliver and D. C. McGlynn brought some land within the Rancho de las Pulgas on the north bank of San Francisquito Creek bordering the present day El Camino Real and established two houses with a common entrance. They were very closely related as their wives were sisters. They named their new residence as Menlo Park after their own county in Ireland. And from there the town got its present name Menlo Park. But not until 1863 when the railroad reached Menlo Park and the railway officials took up the name as the official name for the station. This is the very station that is still running its operation and is the oldest running railway station in California. 

Another important event during that time was the separation of San Mateo county from the San Francisco. This led to the development of a county road that soon was extended to San Jose. This led to a proliferation in the establishment of landed estates and summer houses by the wealthy Californians in Menlo Park. The estates built during this period were fully self-sufficient with having residential worker of their own. During this time some other businesses also sprang up like merchandise stores, blacksmith shops, livery stables, saloons, and hotels for the working men and travelers, etc. 

Churches, businesses and schools were also being built back then in Menlo Park. The Church of Nativity in Menlo Park was established in 1872; and finally on 23 March of 1874 Menlo Park became the second incorporated city of the San Mateo county. But it was a strategic decision for raising money for development purposes and lasted a very short span of time only till 1876. 

However, even after all these, very little happened to alter the rural vibe of Menlo Park till the First World War broke out and Menlo Park became populated with more than 43,000 soldiers overnight, having ground training in Camp Fremont. A base hospital and other facilities were also established during this time. After the war the efforts to incorporate Menlo Park restarted and it was incorporated again in 1927. 

During and after the Second World War Menlo Park continued developing along the lines of military, civic and economic factors.  And gradually in 1952 the city got its first ever master plan. Now Menlo Park is a very beautiful and extremely well developed modern city; and one of the most educated cities in the United States.

Seniors Care Programs in Menlo Park

Our seniors here in Menlo Park lead quite a very vibrant, healthy and happy lifestyle. There are adequate amount of senior care facilities, programs and resources for our loved seniors here to utilize and seek help in terms of love, support and care. 

Menlo Park Senior Center has been working to provide quality health, recreational and educational programs for our loved Menlo Park seniors. It also constantly arranges various social and community events to keep our seniors socially active and engaged. Apart from these they are also operating various other specific Senior Care services in Menlo Park like meal and transportation services along with financial and legal assistance programs. 

Other than Senior Center all the other government services that are conducted throughout California are also available to our seniors here in Menlo Park. 

In Menlo Park we have quite a few very well developed and top quality senior care institutions that are privately run and operated. And other elder care facilities like retirement communities, assisted living centers, in home care services and modern nursing homes are also available. These private facilities collaborate and cooperate among each other as well as the government bodies to ensure the best quality lifestyle for our Menlo Park seniors. 

However, the population is rapidly increasing along with the number of senior population. The Menlo Park population is aging as the median age increased to 38.7 in 2010 from being 37.4 in 2000. Whereas the median age for California is 35.2. The number of population aged between 45 to 65 has also increased to 26% which was 21% in 2000. And currently we have 16% seniors among the total population and the percentage is expected to increase up to 20% within 2030. 

So, we can easily understand how with the increase of the amount of senior population, Menlo Park seniors may find it difficult to avail adequate amount of care and support. Even with the present structure and availability of senior care facilities here in Menlo Park 8% of our loved seniors live below the poverty line and 50% of seniors over the age of 60 received food stamps. And most surprisingly 30% of Menlo Park seniors are living alone. This is surely a grave picture to behold. 

Therefore, to alleviate all this issues besetting the life standard of our loved seniors here in Menlo Park and for being better prepared to tackle the increase in senior population in the near future senior care structure of Menlo Park needs to be refurbished and the number of caregiving institutions has to be increased significantly. Both government and private sector should work in cooperation to bring about these positive changes within the senior care geography of Menlo Park. Comfort Keepers in home care has been working here in collaboration with all the other government and private organizations ceaselessly with this very objective of caring for each and every senior in need. 


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