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Belmont, CA

Comfort Keepers in Belmont

Just like everywhere else in the US Comfort Keepers are caring for the seniors of Belmont with the same determination and dedication for brightening senior lives with expert, experienced and professional senior home health care services. Comfort Keepers have been caring for the seniors of Belmont for more than 18 years now. All throughout our service years we have brought health and happiness to thousands of senior lives and families. 

The services available from Comfort Keepers are all inclusive and comprehensive. The services are -

●    In-Home Care
●    Interactive Caregiving
●    Respite Care
●    Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care
●    End of Life Care
●    Transitioning Home

Although these are the main categories of services available to our loved seniors of Belmont Comfort Keepers also provides them with quality technological products and support to make their lives smoother and more peaceful. 

With all of our services and for all of our loved seniors that we care for we strive to maintain the unfaltering best quality and provide customized Interactive Care based on the specific needs of our loved seniors. This way we ensure the best quality lifestyle and healthy living for our seniors of Belmont in the comfort of their own homes.

Call the San Mateo Comfort Keepers team today at (650) 312-1300 for a free in-home consultation. 

History and Culture Of Belmont

Belmont has a very rich history and culture. It is one of the most affluent cities of California. It is situated in the San Francisco Bay area halfway between San Francisco and San Jose. 

The town of Belmont came into existence even before the official establishment of the San Mateo County. The first official existence of the name Belmont as a place was seen to be recorded in the lists of California Post Offices as of July 18, 1854 even two years before San Mateo County came into existence out of the San Francisco county. According to historian Erwin Gudde the name Belmont which means ‘beautiful mountain’ was first used to refer the area around 1850. 

However, if we go back even further tracing the history we will find that just like other surrounding towns, like Redwood City, Belmont was also a part of the Rancho De Las Pulgas, which was granted to Luis Antonio Arguello in 1825 while Spanish and Mexicans colonizers were taking hold of the region. 

But after the California gold rush the ranch started to get subdivided for various legal and economic issues; and private estates, smaller farms, summer houses started to get built in the region. With the establishment of the county in 1856 the growth of Belmont and the surrounding regions got a boost. Soon small businesses sprang up to serve the growing in-rush of people. And finally in 1864 the railroad reached Belmont and facilitated more growth to agricultural and other businesses. 

More establishments like hotels, palaces, saloons, stables, parks etc. started to get built. But with the arrival of automobiles and the development of Dumbarton and San Mateo bridges the growth of the regions got further boon around 1920; and gradually Belmont started to assume the present suburban shape. In 1926 it was officially incorporated as a town of the San Mateo County. 

After that Belmont kept on growing to become the prosperous town that it is today. Now it has a total population of 25,835 as of US census data 2010 and it is home to many esteemed dignitaries of the Bay Area.

Senior Care Facilities in Belmont

Being an affluent city Belmont can boast of having one of the best senior care structure and facilities in the country. Our loved seniors of Belmont enjoy great health and wellbeing benefits of having these services beside them. Both government and private programs and organizations are conducting senior care services here in Belmont.

Among its total population of 25,835, 28.2% are aged within 45 to 65; and another 14.9% are aged above 65 as of US census data 2010. So, that makes Belmont a city with around 4000 seniors living here. That’s not a huge number and the senior care facilities available here are quite well developed, diverse and adequate for our loved seniors of Belmont. 

The senior care facilities of Belmont are diverse in that there are facilities to fulfil each and every need of our seniors and the senior care institutions in Belmont are focused on providing every kind of care to the seniors. 

The available senior care facilities in Belmont include, in-home care services, assisted living centers, nursing homes, retirement communities, end of life care services, respite care services, senior living houses, meal and transportation services, dementia and memory care services along with all the other services aimed at caring for specific aspects of senior lives like recreational and community services.

Apart from all these private senior care organizations all other government services that are conducted all throughout the country or specifically in California are also available to our adored seniors of Belmont. Moreover, Comfort Keepers are always there beside our seniors of Belmont. 


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