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Comfort Keepers Private Home Care in San Mateo, CA Presents the Family Room

Private Home Care in San Mateo, CA: Comfort Keepers is proud to present a new online portal called the Family Room

Comfort Keepers private home care gives you access to Family Room, a communication solution for your family to use during your senior loved one’s personal home care.  We know that when Mom and Dad are receiving home care, Brother and Sister and other parties can struggle to keep up with the latest information.  They may also have misunderstandings about the direction in which the care is going.

Family Room is a great new online tool that transports the entire home care team into one virtual room.  Here, you can share a multitude of information on Mom or Dad’s care.  Everyone will be equally knowledgeable, with equal access to participate in your loved one’s private home care.  

What is the Family Room?

Family Room allows the Comfort Keepers caregiver to make regular, real-time updates to his or her activities. For example, the caregiver can complete a checklist as he or she performs specific tasks and delivers certain elements of care, such as mobility assistance or transportation. You can also view your family member’s appointments and other activities. Also, family members can make a note of it when they visit the care recipient; you can also view notes on elements of personal care such as medication management, doctor’s appointments, exercise, proper diet, etc.

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Family Room was developed by the company’s founder, who felt that the paper-based documentation used in his love one’s care was inadequate. He looked for a solution, created one, and shared it with all of us. Personal home care from Comfort Keepers is very customized. Our caregivers start the process by creating a personalized home care plan that fits the specific needs of your family. Now, Family Room lets us takes this personalized approach to the next level.

Our interactive care just became even more interactive. Not only that, but it is now more interactive for family members who live all around the world.

Family Room is included, at no extra charge, for anyone who arranges senior care with Comfort Keepers. It helps us fulfill our mission of delivering care that provides peace of mind for all parties. We also feel it will make you even more confident in your home healthcare choice.

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