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How to Break Free of Food Addiction

Aug 21, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

Food addiction is not only an extravagant term to characterize one's desire for specific sorts of sugary, salty and delicious food items. It is a reality that works simply like whatever other drug addictions work; be it cocaine or tobacco. Be that as it may, it is relatively lesser in level of being addictive and henceforth less demanding to dispose of. Read Article

Anxiety Disorders in Declining Years

Aug 7, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

Anxiety is a very natural part of our everyday life. We often feel anxious for various reasons and it is very much normal to feel anxious before you make any important decisions, or take a test or face an interview etc. It is even natural to feel anxious for your family and friends’ safety and security. But this anxiety has another side of it when it is no longer being dependent on substantial reason and turns into a disorder. Read Article

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