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Living with Osteoporosis in Senior Years

Nov 13, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

Osteoporosis implies feeble or fragile bones. Our bones experience a continuous reestablishment process over the years. When we are youthful this rot and recovery process goes speedier and the lost measure of bone gets rebuilt faster than the separating procedure through new bone development. 

In this way, when we reach our 30s our bone mass thickness stays at the pinnacle. However, bit by bit the pace of recovery backs off but the bone mass degeneration proceeds speedily.Henceforth, slowly the bones get frail and fragile. In this line, if the bone mass thickness turns out to be too low then it is therapeutically named as osteoporosis. In this condition our bones can get cracked effortlessly alongside bringing on other physical distresses. 1 in each 5 men and 3 ladies over the age of 50 endure fractured bone because of osteoporosis in senior years


The noticeable manifestations of osteoporosis aren't numerous. Our cherished seniors even may not understand that they have osteoporosis until they get a cracked bone and then get diagnosed. Be that as it may, early signs can be seen as back agony and changes in the stance. Another side effect of osteoporosis in senior years that happens much later in the advancement is diminished height. 


Declining age is the fundamental driver of osteoporosis. In the senior years the velocity of bone breakdown far surpasses the velocity of new bone development. This is the reason for which the bone mass thickness diminishes essentially and causes osteoporosis. 

Osteoporosis in senior years is more predominant in ladies than in men. It is regularly considered as a 'women’s disease'. This is on account of the bone thickness of ladies are lesser than men and after menopause the bone mass breakdown happens much quicker in ladies. That is the reason around 80% of individuals experiencing osteoporosis in America are ladies. 

Risk Factors

There are some risk factors for osteoporosis that you can control and there are some that you can't. Among the dangers that you can't control are age, sex, ethnicity and heredity. Another such wild hazard element is having a small bodily built. Whites and Asians are seen to get osteoporosis more than the seniors of other racial plummet. Aside from these some other wellbeing condition like type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid joint inflammation, and a few hormonal disarranges can likewise be danger components for creating osteoporosis in senior years. 

Respectively, the risk factors that you can control for the most part has a place with the way you lead your life. Smoking, leading a dormant life, taking after an unpredictable eating regimen containing low measure of calcium and vitamin D and unnecessary drinking all these can expand the danger of creating osteoporosis through expanding the measure of bone degeneration as you age. 


There are different treatment alternatives accessible on the off chance that your senior friends and family are analyzed with osteoporosis. To start with doctors often recommend bone boosting drugs containing bisphosphonate. This will diminish the bone misfortune and fabricate new bone mass. Bisphosphonates can be taken either orally or through infusions however it accompanies some noteworthy sorts of side effects. 

Other treatment choices are hormone treatment and counter acting agent infusion. Be that as it may, all these options have their own set of unavoidable side effects. 

In such condition the most ideal alternative would be to stay mindful of it from the early adolescence with the goal that you can keep up the solid measure of calcium and vitamin D from the start up to the age of 30. Along these lines your bone bank will be full and the steady bone loss will never achieve the point where it can reach to the point of being osteoporosis in senior years. 

Bone Building Foods 

Sustenance that are rich in calcium and vitamin D are the bone building nourishments. Milk is the primary need. At that point you can have fish like salmon, fish, herring and so forth. You need to include some verdant green vegetables into your eating regimen. Vegetables likewise give magnesium that enhances the bone quality. 

Another such calcium invigorated sustenance are grains and orange juice. Moreover, it is dependably a decent thought to maintain a strategic distance from foods that decline the assimilation of calcium in the body. 


If there should arise an occurrence of osteoporosis administration, treatment and counteractive action then the significance of regular physical activity is vital. Exercise keeps the bones in great condition and helps the treatment procedure of constructing new and solid bones. 

Practices that includes bearing your entire body weight are the most beneficial. Practices like strolling, jogging, running, playing tennis and so forth. Utilizing little weights while exercising the different body parts likewise helps in such manner. Research have found that ladies who walk one mile each day have four to seven years of bonus bone mass. 

Yoga and Tai chi can be an extraordinary approach to enhance balance however a few stances involving excessive twist or bending ought to be deliberately avoided in such circumstances. 

Fall Prevention 

While living with osteoporosis in senior years a bit of weight on the bones can bring about a break. In serious cases there are records of getting fractured just by coughing. Along these lines, at whatever point your adored one is diagnosed to have osteoporosis the principal thing that you ought to do is to make the surroundings completely fall proof. Contact Comfort Keepers in this regard. We have demonstrated strategies and techniques for fall prevention. 

Never forget that it is never past the point where it is possible to watch over your bones. Regardless of your age at this moment, begin immediately! 

Begin having the perfect measure of sound eating regimen, have standard physical activity as much as you can-regardless of the possibility that you can simply stroll with the assistance of a walker then do that - and maintain a strategic distance from the negative propensities that are dynamic risks for developing osteoporosis in senior years. Along these lines you can extremely well carry on a sound, glad and autonomous life in your senior years with osteoporosis.

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