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Enjoyable, Easy yet the Most Effective Exercises for Seniors

Sep 18, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

There's no end of advantages that one can pick up from doing general physical activities regardless of age and physical condition. In any case, with age exercise choices begin to diminish but the significance of it increases proportionately. So, we from Comfort Keepers have thought of bringing to you some fun and simple yet extremely useful methods for having physical exercise for our adored seniors. 

By doing these properly, after adjustments to their health conditions, our adored seniors will have the capacity to profit immensely from these physical activities and be able to lead a sound, happy, prolonged and independent life. 

Physical exercises are essentially of four classes in view of the effects they are intended to produce. The classes are - Endurance, Strengthening, Flexibility and Balance. 

Doing practices from every one of the classes in an adjusted way as per your physical condition will take you far in driving a cheerful and solid life. This will likewise push you to stay fit and keep away from injury, control circulatory strain and other cardiovascular issues. Moreover, it will help you to control diabetes and body weight. 

Aside from physical advantages these fun, simple and straightforward activities have a gigantic parcel of mental advantages as well. 

Here are the four classes of activities portrayed and exemplified for your information.


Endurance activities are those that expands your stamina progressively by increasing your heart-rate and fortifying your breaths. These activities will make physical work, for example- strolling, rising high hills, climbing stairs and so forth less demanding for you. This will likewise help in playing out your everyday tasks effortlessly. 


Strengthening activities are those that reinforces your bones, muscles and joints; and builds your general physical strength. This class of activities incorporates weights, tubes, resistance bands and so forth. 


This class of exercises expands the adaptability of your muscles and joints; encourages smooth functioning of your physical make-up. These frequently act as integral to endurance and strengthening activities. 


Exercises that reinforce balance are unquestionable requirement for seniors to avoid falls and other such wounds. Balance practices work for enhancing the general equalization of physical developments so that your everyday activities stay smooth as you age. 

Now, let us observe the fun and simple activities themselves that would permit you to have every one of the advantages of all the four classes of physical exercises noted above. 

Enjoyable, Easy and Simple Exercises 


The first of the rundown is none other than the easy and lively stroll down the park. Walking is the simplest yet the most powerful physical fitter among all the physical activity sorts. It effectively plays the part of all the four types of physical exercises discussed above. 

It is anything but difficult to begin and simple for seniors to proceed even very late in life. Simply be aware of having the right sort of shoes and do some stretching movements after every stroll to maintain a strategic distance from damage to your muscles.

Begin with couple of minutes every day at first then step by step increase up to 30 to even an hour, if you can manage. 


Another fun, outstanding and simple activity for seniors is swimming. Swimming fortifies the bones and muscles alongside expanding your general stamina. It additionally diminishes stress and depression. It is an incredible activity for ladies to keep away from postmenopausal bone loss.

Alongside swimming you can likewise join water aerobics for expanded endurance, flexibility and balance through a full body workout. 


Yoga is a great arrangement of working out that joins all the four classes of exercises. Through different postures and "asanas" it extends, reinforces and adjusts the full physical make-up. Aside from the physical, yoga has a huge parcel of emotional and psychological benefits to offer. 
Seniors ought to start with some less demanding stances suitable for the beginners and after that steadily proceed onward to rehearse the harder ones.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is like yoga but different in postures and movements. It concentrates on reflection anddrives vitality from moderate posture to posture development. Like yoga it also fortifies the body and builds up the equalization and adaptability. 


Gardening can be an extremely fun method for meeting up to your daily need of physical exercises. Through different movements and activities required for gardening your body will have all the essential requirements that is expected to reinforce your muscles and to make them adaptable and adjusted. 

Basic Aerobics 

Simple, basic, fun and stimulating aerobic exercise for seniors incorporate dancing, water aerobics, chair aerobics, balancing on a ball and even simple strolling and swimming. These alongside some strengthening activities is a proven formula for preventing falls. Most importantly, these help in controlling the side effects of Alzheimer's or dementia. 

Along these lines, here you have a complete rundown of enjoyable, simple but very effective practices for seniors to accomplish for expanded strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. 

Begin rehearsing these and have a sound, cheerful and autonomous life as you age. And for any help with senior consideration and sound maturing don't delay in contacting Comfort Keepers.

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