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How to Break Free of Food Addiction

Aug 21, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

Food addiction is not only an extravagant term to characterize one's desire for specific sorts of sugary, salty and delicious food items. It is a reality that works simply like whatever other drug addictions work; be it cocaine or tobacco. Be that as it may, it is relatively lesser in level of being addictive and henceforth less demanding to dispose of. 

Developing food addiction can be extremely hurtful for your wellbeing and prosperity. It becomes even more so as we bit by bit achieve our declining years. Eating controlled and eating healthy is the key for a sound and upbeat living when we are seniors. Food Addiction can end up being an exceptionally hazardous issue in such manner for seniors and caregivers alike. 

In spite of knowing all these we frequently feel drawn towards the unfortunate kind of high fat, and sweet and salty but delicious things. In Spite of realizing that a sound eating regimen contains organic products, vegetables, whole grains and solid measure of protein, ever and again we have a craving for savoring that cream pie, baked cake or that chocolate bar! What's more, to a few people the drive turns out to be just wild. That is the point at which it turns into a full developed food addiction. 

What’s the Science behind It?

In old times when our precursors were dependably vigilant for sustenance and disclosures of fresher edibles, one day they got upon the acknowledgment that sweet things, similar to berries, are exceptionally useful in giving snappy vitality while other fat stuffed nourishments discharged vitality at a slower pace. 

This very revelation drove the present day processed food producers to cash in from preparing savory food items with larger amounts of sugar, fat, and salt to expand the taste and the impact that berries offered to our predecessors. 

Be that as it may, what is precisely going within your brain when we are taking these sweet and salty, however delicious nourishment, that we often hunger for to such an extent? 

Essentially, the truth of the matter is eating such things controls the pleasure points of the brain and increases the release of the happy hormone called dopamine. Simply the same way any drugs, pretty much, acts likewise. Along these lines, you are slowly getting dependent on the over arrival of the cheerful hormones; and at whatever point you are not feeling so good or just feel like it you can't keep yourself far from taking those tasty but unhealthy food items. 

Another risky issue with this is, with time, on the off chance that one keeps indulging into these driving forces of taking profoundly tasteful, high fat and high sugar sustenance then bit by bit the Prefrontal Cortex of our mind will get harmed. Accordingly it will become much harderfor the individual to oppose those driving forces. 

Be that as it may, every one of these impacts can in all likelihood be switched off or controlled with some practice and determination. 

Now, let us have a look on how you can break free from food addiction and switch to healthy dieting propensities for achieving larger amounts of wellbeing. 


The principal thing or step that you need to take is to embrace the strategies of mindfulness. In this respect meditation and contemplation is the best practice. Just start with 5-10 minutes of sitting in a peaceful place and attempting to quiet down your psyche. 

Concentrate on your breath as you take in and out. Give your thoughts and mental images a chance to diffuse in the hush of your mental being. Keep an unwavering attention on breathing and continue doing this more and more as you advance towards accomplishing the total silencing of the psyche. 

Through this your mind and being will be considerably more grounded to battle undesirable driving forces like those of food addiction and you will have the capacity to better direct your own will into every last circle of your presence, for example, diet control, customary activities and others. Also, in particular there's no age restrictions to begin meditation and being profited from it. We generally promote positive thoughtful practices from Comfort Keepers and our cherished seniors can begin the practices of meditation from right at this point. 

The Joy of Eating 

After that attempt to center and give full thoughtfulness for adhering to a good diet. Eat gently from now on giving sufficient time to appreciate the magnificence of eating. While eating take a look at your nourishment, take smell and eat gradually- gently feeling the taste more strongly than you regularly used to do. Doing this will permit the feel good hormones to get discharged, regardless of the fact that you are not taking those sugary and greasy nourishments. 

Incorporate nourishments rich in lean protein, fiber and low in fat. Have a lot of fruits and vegetables. You can have a go at including smoothies made out of milk and banana or different organic products to alleviate the additional desires for sweet. Include Avocado, sesame seeds and spinach to your eating routine as they help in discharging dopamine. 

Have Proper Exercise 

There is no end of advantages to have from normal physical activities. Indeed, even in the declining years having customary exercises helps in expanding dynamic mind cells and circuits. 

You don't need to have any nitty gritty course of practices and need to set a rundown of thorough activities to be profited by physical activity. Contingent upon the state of our adored senior even a normal stroll down the recreation center is sufficient to give the incalculable advantages of physical exercises. 

Consequently, have satisfactory sorts of activities relying on your physical condition. Attempt to incorporate running, jogging and swimming as much as you can. In any case, just strolling and a touch of some stretching activities may go far in guaranteeing fit, sound and upbeat life. In addition, a straightforward workout will likewise help in creating cheerful hormones, expanding personal satisfaction and repairing your prefrontal cortex. 

In this way, now you realize that food addiction is as genuine as some other fixation and it can be as much risky as those others. It's about time that you took preventive measures against the perils of this type of dependency. You need to recognize that to viably manage sustenance habits it's not only the food that you are changing but also it will involve rolling out some positive way of life improvements and changes in your mental and physical presence. You may likewise need to bring changes among the general people you take up with or the spots you visit for some time keeping in mind the end goal to have additional help in resisting the driving impulses of food addiction.

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