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Seniors and Sundowning: How to Cope with It

Jul 24, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

Do you have a senior loved one experiencing Alzheimer's? If so then you have likely seen that the ailments they are experiencing because of Alzheimer's regularly strengthen during dusks and evenings. Indications like irritation, agitation, disarray and others begin to increase in effect during the afternoons and evenings. Precisely this is what is known as sundowning. 

Sundowning is an extremely regular condition with seniors experiencing Alzheimer's. It is a circumstance when the indications of Alzheimer's, for example, disarray, fomentation, identity issue, and so forth heighten with the going down of the sun and it regularly turns out to be more troublesome for the individual experiencing it to quiet down. 

Behaviors related with sundowning can be both verbal and physical. For the most part it happens abruptly with no clearly obvious reasons. In any case, the causes can be comprehended with a smidgen of guided consideration. Albeit such circumstances are hard to adapt to; however, knowing some related perspectives and tailing some straightforward techniques and recommendations from Comfort Keepers Alzheimer's Care Services will offer assistance. Peruse on to know more: 

Hazardous Factors for Increased Sundowning

-   Mental and physical weariness that regularly goes with the end of the day. 

-   Due to decreased light amid late evening shadows become prominent and this causes perplexity for seniors with Alzheimer's as they frequently findit hard to decipher what they see. 

-   Upset in the biological clock or the circadian rhythm. An anomaly in the inner body clock causes an organic perplexity amongst day and night. 

 During these phases of the day seniors with Alzheimer's regularly feel muddled in light of the fact that they frequently mistake reality for dream in their brains. 

 Sudden change in the day by day schedule. 

-   Any kind of signs of dissatisfaction from the caregivers and the general people around them. 

Methodologies and Suggestions for Coping with Sundowning

-  Follow the Same Routine

Changes in the day by day routine is regularly seen to be the reason for dissatisfaction and outrage for our cherished seniors with Alzheimer's. Any new place, sustenance or action may make them feel muddled and cause disarray. Subsequently, it is prone to build the likelihood of sundowning. Therefore, adhere to the tested and tried procedures for the days. However, if changing the routine becomes a must then make it take off gradually with bits of little changes at once. 

-  Keep It Well Lighted

Illuminate every one of the light sources from the late afternoons. Consider expanding the number of light sources in your home and rooms where our cherished seniors are liable to be. It has been analyzed and demonstrated that seniors kept in very well lighted spots show much lesser impact of sundowning. 

-  Stay Active in the Early Hours of the Day

Arrange physically captivating exercises for our cherished seniors amid the early hours of the day however maintain a strategic distance from the same exercises during later hours. Attempt to evade daytime snoozing and an excessive amount of resting in the day. This will help them to be quieter amid the nightfall and will help them to rest better at evenings. 

-  Keep It Comfortable and Familiar

Keep the surroundings around them agreeable for our adored seniors. Use satisfactory measure of cushions and covers to solace them; and keep all the well-known articles and the things they cherish close to them. Put family photographs where they will be generally unmistakable. Consider playing alleviating music out of sight. 

-  Distressing Tasks

Abstain from doing any assignments that may make them unsettled in any way. Exercises like perusing books or staring at the TV often become hard to follow and accordingly build agitation and disarray. Continuously arrange alleviating and destressing tasks to do with them amid these later hours of the day. 

-  Careful Eating

Stay away from any sort of stimulants like liquor, caffeine and substantial supper amid the later hours of the day. These things can increase sundowning effortlessly. Our cherished seniors can appreciate these sustenance and substantial suppers amid lunch and prior however no later than that. Continuously let them have light snacks during and after evenings and light sustenance during supper. 

-  Identifying Triggers

Keep an unfaltering consideration on the components, occasions or circumstances that are making our adored seniors with Alzheimer's unsettled or confounded. Record them on paper. Monitor every one of these triggers and attempt to keep away from them in future. 

-  Care for the Caregivers

Looking after the seniors experiencing Alzheimer's or some other type of dementia and caring for them is an exceptionally demanding work. It needs steady level of consideration and elevated amounts of vitality and eagerness. In this way, nonstop caregiving may effectively exhaust or frustrate caregivers. So, nurturing the caregivers, being aware of their own prosperity, is no less an essential element in such situations. Since seniors with Alzheimer's are extremely touchy and even a mellow vibration of inconvenience or bothering from the part of the caregiver will just intensify sundowning. 

Alzheimer's is a significantly overwhelming condition for the seniors and the families experiencing it. And sundowning can only aggravate it. Subsequently, to help you with these circumstances Comfort Keeper have Alzheimer's care administrations and respite care services that give quality consideration to our cherished seniors with dementia and their families. Therefore, for any assistance and bolster in this regard contact Comfort Keepers immediately!

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