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16 Apps for Our Loved Seniors; to Play, to Enjoy and to Lead a Healthy Life

Jun 26, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

The idea that our seniors are not much technological conscious is true no more. Now the baby boomers have spent enough time with technology to become quite efficient in using it. What is most important to note here is that technology has even helped to improve the life of our loved seniors considerably a lot. Now, there are apps that are specifically designed for them to use and to make their life easier. 

We, here from Comfort Keepers Senior Care Services, have screened the app market to come up with the best possible apps that were either built for the seniors in mind or just are very much useful for them. Some are free and to get some of these you may have to spend a bit of money. But all of these is sure to add value to our seniors’ digital experience to a great extent.  


WebMD is the ultimate and the most authentic destination for all the health conscious people to get useful health tips, articles, and other useful content. What’s more interesting is that now they have an easy to use app for accessing their vast pool of health and medical knowledge. And it is totally free!


It is a very useful app for medication management. At the declining age the prescriptions are bound to become complex and keeping track of medicine intake schedules is sure to become a tedious task. In such situations wrong intake of medicines often leads to health hazards. Pillboxie is a very effective app in managing and scheduling your medicines.  

Words With Friends

It is actually a scrabble game and one of the very well developed games in this category. With it you can play and make words with your friends online and share results online. In this way you not only be able to utilise your free time with pleasure but also be able to have some exercise for your brain muscles. 


Netflix is certainly capable of becoming the one stop entertainment destination for our loved seniors. Through this single app you get access to unlimited movies, dramas, serials, and tv shows. So, with this installed in their phones our seniors are never to feel lonely and boring again.

TED Talks

Who doesn't need some motivation every now and then? Who wouldn't like to be inspired by brilliant fellows giving lectures at TED events worldwide? And what's important is that now you have an app for streaming unlimited number of TED talks on you phone. Besides being motivated and inspired, TED talks are a very intriguing place to learn new things and to gain genuine new knowledge.

Dragon Dictation

Even our young fellows get tired at constantly tapping on to the screen and may find a bit help with it very soothing sometimes. Dragon Dictation is such a help. It will directly take vocal orders from you to operate your phone. You can also use it for typing just simply through dictating to it with your voice. Our seniors may find it very useful to use their smartphones with a smarter way to control. 


Prismatic is basically an app for news reading. We know that our seniors just love to read news and be updated with the ways of the world. Hence, this app will be very handy for them. It brings together all the current and  trending news from various publishers into a single easy to browse screen. All the top news agencies incorporated into a single app! 


It is another such medication management app that will make managing complex prescriptions a really easy task. Just input the names of the drugs and the doses into the app and it will remind you itself when to take your medicines and how much to take it. So, with Medisafe installed in your device you will never have to worry about remembering your medication schedules again.

Mint Bills & Money

This is a brilliant app for storing and managing all of your bill paying activities. Store all the specifics of your regular bills into it and it will let you know when they are due and how much you will have to pay. It is very useful for seniors who live independently and have to manage paying all their bills themselves. It often happens that we forget paying bills and have to pay the fines. With this app such is never going to happen again. 


With Audible you get to turn your smartphone into a storyteller. Yes, it is an app which have all the audiobooks of the world just for you to enjoy. It will be very enjoyable for our seniors as with age too much reading may become very fatiguing for their eyes. So, give your eyes a bit rest and get this app. 

Geriatric Depression Scale

Yes, now you can estimate the level of depression you are currently in. With Geriatric Depression Scale you get to answer a set of questionnaire out of which the app will generate the level of your depression. This app can be very helpful to seniors who are actively fighting against depression. With this you will be able track your daily levels of depression and will be able to gradually grow out of it. 

Luminosity Brain Trainer

For keeping your mind and brain active and highly functioning Luminosity Brain Trainer app can be a very useful tool. Through this app you can play many mind engaging games and can also access various training modules to actively stimulate your brain into higher levels of functionality. This can be helpful for our beloved seniors to keep their mind active and engaging. 

Easy Facebook for Seniors

I bet you didn’t know that there is a separate app for seniors to access Facebook. Yes, there is. Through Easy Facebook For Seniors our loved seniors get to use facebook and be connected with friends and family through a more easy to navigate clutter free interface. This way facebooking for seniors becomes really easy. 

Blood Pressure Monitor

No, it will not diagnose your blood pressure; you yourself have to feed it with the data. You have to put your blood pressure measurement into it every time you measure your blood pressure. And it will monitor the rise and fall in your blood pressure and create easy to understand charts of your blood pressure activity for a period of time. It will also notify with various suggestions regarding your blood pressure control, if needed. So, with it your blood pressure will remain constantly recorded, monitored and analyzed. 


Clevermind is a specifically designed app for seniors with Alzheimer’s or any other forms of dementia to stimulate and enhance cognitive faculties with efficiency. Through this app our beloved seniors having dementia will be able to better fight the symptoms of it and also get a chance to improve gradually. 

Instant Heart Rate

Yes, now you can get to know your heart rate right from your smart phones. Just install Instant Heart Rate into your phone and it will calculate your heart rate from your fingertip. The app uses your phone’s camera to detect the heart bits from your fingertip and gets the rate from there. It is very useful for anybody who is health conscious and especially useful to our beloved seniors for being constantly aware of their health conditions.

We hope that our research and efforts from Comfort Keepers Elder Care Services at finding out these great apps for our seniors will prove to be very helpful in making their life easier, happier and healthier. We are constantly up and doing to find whatever new suggestions, tips and strategies we can find for our beloved seniors. Stay connected with Comfort Keepers In-Home Care Services San Mateo offices to know ever more! 

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