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Homecare Assistance: Testimonials from Clients in San Mateo, CA

What People Are Saying About Comfort Keepers® Homecare Assistance in San Mateo, CA

Our homecare assistance clients are our greatest asset. Hearing from our clients is always a blessing, and we are careful to truly evaluate their feedback to ensure that our service matches our promises. By retaining the best homecare assistance professionals in the San Mateo area, we are able to more than adequately serve our clients with trusted in home care services. 

In order to make a decision on what route you or your senior loved one is going to take regarding care, it's best to dutifully search out all available options. There are many options in the San Mateo area, including Comfort Keepers home care. Our services are different than many other solutions you may have looked at. Our home care assistance professionals truly take a look at the needs and goals of you or your senior loved one and come up with a plan of action that truly works for you. We analyze your interests and hobbies to determine which activities would best benefit our potential senior client. 

The following testimonials were offered to us by current clients who utilize our homecare assistance services. We hope they give you an insight into how the special people we call Comfort Keepers are able to influence the lives of seniors and adults in San Mateo and the surrounding areas of California. 

Hundreds of people every day discover the exceptional brand of in-home care provided by Comfort Keepers—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover Comfort Keepers and choose to become a Comfort Keeper® themselves.


"I know it has taken me a long time to say thank for your words of encouragement as I have been very badly depressed and your cards and kindness has helped A LOT. and I want to thank Leana a lot for cooking for me and taking me out of my depressive state I was in that day. I will close by saying thanks for all your help as you always find out who is your friend when you're down."

Mr. R.

"I have been using Comfort Keepers in Cupertino, CA., for several years now. I'm very pleased with the care they provide me. Each caregiver that has been here has taken very good care of my needs - bathing, cleaning, making my meals. Because I am disabled with muscular dystrophy, they make an extra effort to make sure I'm well taken care of. They've also made sure I had a caregiver here for days that weren't scheduled ahead of time. It's a real comfort knowing I can always count of them."

Mark H.

"Dear Linda Thank you for your help in scheduling B's caregivers Please see that they get their notes. We were very happy with B's care and your service. Thank you."


"Alina, Please let me introduce myself. My name is M.A and my parents are W. & H.P. I just returned home from visiting my parents and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Martha, Mulu, Embaba and TG. What wonderful and caring women each and every one of them are. I watched daily how [they] took care of our parents. They do it with respect which is very important to me. Thank you again for Martha, Mulu, Embaba and TG and all they do. IT was a pleasure meeting with them. This reassures me that our parents are in safe hands."


"Attention Comfort Keepers: Debra is by far the most self-motivated worker to whose pleasure I had been to associate with for me. She goes way beyond the boundaries of the help I need, which is indeed a dependent situation. Any advantages you can promote her with would be most appreciated by me."


"To all of your staff [thank you] for the beautiful roses & the wonderful service and care that you provided for my recent needs. I enjoyed the friendly company and constant attention. I would be happy to refer your service to anyone. I am learning to write again and drive. It feels good to be independent again."


"We engaged Comfort Keepers Cupertino to provide us with weekend caregivers from September 2012 through August 2013. The weekend services helped us bridge, fill-in and compliment our weekly care. Comfort Keepers worked around our schedule, which was not necessarily convenient for the caregivers. During that period Comfort Keepers provided several caregivers. We were pleased with the service and would recommend Comfort Keepers to others."

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