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Comfort Keepers Elderly Care at Home in San Mateo, CA: An Overview of Breast Cancer

Are you worried how breast cancer could affect your senior loved one? Read the following advice from elderly care at home experts - Comfort Keepers of San Mateo, CA

The Strides Made

Breast cancer has been responsible for many cancer-related deaths and it comes second as a major cause of cancer related deaths in women. On a positive note, more than 3 million people in the US are breast cancer survivors. This has been made possible by the increase in breast cancer awareness and screening campaigns conducted by many organizations and foundations. The American Cancer Association reports that there has been a significant reduction in the number of breast cancer related deaths since 1989.

To increase the number of survivors, Comfort Keepers elderly care at home proposes that efforts be directed to the most vulnerable group; the elderly women who are above 65 years. Timely screening and treatment is advised for a more positive outcome and reduction in the total number of people who succumb to breast cancer.

A Brief Description

Breast cancer refers to the abnormal proliferation of breast cells following a mutation or modification of the genes regulating the cell growth cycle. The resultant tumors could either be malignant or benign, with the former being associated with breast cancer. Comfort Keepers elderly care at home urges you to be on the lookout for some of these risk factors:

  • An advanced age
  • Having dense breast tissue
  • A family history of breast cancer in first degree relatives
  • Frequent indulgence in alcohol
  • Use of estrogen or progesterone containing meds
  • A history of radiotherapy to the chest or breast

There are various types of breast cancer but the most common ones are ductal carcinoma; the most common type and lobular carcinoma, the second frequent type. Some of the less common ones are medullary carcinoma, low-grade adenosquamous carcinoma and adenoid cystic carcinoma. All of them progress from bad to worse especially with the involvement of the lymph nodes. We at Comfort Keepers elderly care at home recognize that involvement of the lymph nodes; filters in the lymphatic system confer a bad prognosis.

Early detection and treatment

For a timely detection of cancer, Comfort Keepers elderly care at home advocates for the adoption of self breast examination on a regular basis. Visiting a health care provider for breast examination is also recommended. Breast cancer could present with pain in the breast, a change in color and consistency of breast skin, unusual swellings and lumps besides having an abnormal nipple discharge.

Mammograms are used for both diagnostic and screening purposes with the latter being done in a more thorough way. The visualization of breast tissue is achieved with the help of low-level X-rays. Their utility considering the cost and benefit analysis in the elderly who might require treatment has been questioned due to their low survival rates.

Seeking the advice of a physician may be quite helpful as they are able to assess the utility of the tests and treatment against the age-related factors on this vulnerable group. Breast cancer can be treated through surgery, the use of radio- and chemotherapy as well as hormone therapy. Visit BreastCancer.org to discover more.

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