Comfort Keepers Home Care Agency Of San Mateo, CA Can Help You Start The Conversation About Home Care With Your Senior Loved One 

Home Care Agency  Comfort Keepers of San Mateo, CA give you advice on how you can start the home care conversation with your senior loved one

Hiring a home care agency is a complex topic. There are a number of factors to consider and one of the main concerns families usually have is how to start this conversation. It is difficult to determine when the best time to have the senior care conversation is, but the sooner you have it, the better. Ideally, this conversation should happen while your loved one is of sound mind and body. This is not an easy conversation to have, but keep in mind that delaying it can only make things more difficult.

Once you have decided to talk to your loved one about hiring a home care agency, you need to prepare yourself for the discussion. Learn more about senior care options to better understand what will best fit your parent’s needs. This way, you can be prepared to answer their questions and concerns, reassuring them that home care can only improve their quality of life. You can also consult other family members. Their input can be helpful and you can avoid any future confrontations if everyone is on board. The next thing to do is to choose when and where to talk to your loved one so you can have a relaxed, unhurried conversation.

When you start the conversation, you should avoid making demands as it can make your loved one get defensive. Defensiveness can end this conversation fast, which can make it hard to resume it in the near future. Instead of telling your loved one what is best for them, be patient, direct, and show compassion and understanding.  If your loved one is scared of losing independence, you can talk to them about the benefits of hiring a home care agency. Home care is designed to help seniors maintain their independence in the comfort of their home, without interrupting their chosen lifestyle. The most important part of this conversation is to let your loved one participate in the decision-making process as much as possible. When they actively participate in the conversation, they won’t feel like they are losing control over their lives.

For more information, feel free to contact Comfort Keepers of San Mateo, CA. We are happy to help your family in any way that we can! 


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