Comfort Keepers Senior In Home Care in San Mateo, CA: Tips on Fire Safety & Prevention of Related Accidents

Are you worried about how your elderly loved one could potentially cause a fire in their home? Help prevent home fires with the following tips from senior in home care experts - Comfort Keepers of San Mateo, CA

The fire situation

Fire was once considered to be among the four elements thousands of years ago. It’s such a powerful resource which can be used for cooking, lighting and scaring off wild animals. Fire is also associated with major disasters, infernos that could destroy vegetation, property, and people. The data presented by our senior in home care team shows that seniors are the most susceptible to fire accidents. Considers that house fires are in the thousands on an annual basis, and the number of fire victims, especially the elderly, is quite high.

40% of fire victims are likely to be elderly, a statistic that needs to be addressed since the elderly comprise only 10% of the total population in the US.

Risk Factors

Senior in home care providers would like to inform you of some of the risks. These have been linked with high chances of the elderly becoming victims in fire accidents. As we age, our mental and physical abilities decline rapidly, which makes our response time considerably more sluggish. Senses that detect fires are equally impaired with time and this increases the susceptibility of the elderly.

Alterations in the anatomical structure of the corpus callosum, is associated with a marked decline in the mechanical abilities of our elderly family members and loved ones. 

The use of a number of medications could make most of the elderly to be drowsy and less alert to accidents involving fires. They are likely to inhale smoke which could lead to CO poisoning and eventually death with delayed intervention.

Our senior in home care providers wish to educate the general public as far as how likely an elderly family member is to be involved in a fire accident. Be less keen in the kitchen, have greasy utensils and having electric problems such as dimming lights or loaded circuits could lead to house fires. Avoidance or rectification of these could reduce the incidence of house fires.

The Safety and Prevention Tips

Since the elderly are a vulnerable group in the case of fire accidents, Comfort Keepers senior in home care advocates for the adoption of the following tips in dealing with fire accidents.

  • Ensure your home has smoke detectors; to attend to the needs of the elderly in a timely fashion; this would be useful for alerting purposes. Their appropriate placement and regular maintenance is also advised.
  • Get a plan; you need to be ready with a plan on how you will escape or deal with a fire accident.
  • Adopt safe cooking habits; clean off the grease and be keen while cooking or using alternative lightning in your home. Installing an ABC fire extinguisher is highly recommended.
  • Rectify the electric hitches; address electrical circuit problems and ensure at all times that they are running smoothly.
  • Adopt responsible smoking habits; ensure that you dispose of ashes in an appropriate manner and container, metallic ones. 
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