Long Term Care & Medication Management in San Mateo, CA

Learn more about how long term care professionals can assist your senior loved one with medication management

Doctors prescribe various medications to senior citizens so that they can control a wide array of diseases and find relief from symptoms that decrease the quality of their life. Since most seniors citizens have to take multiple medications each day, they may miss a medication or take the incorrect dosage of one. Here at Comfort Keepers, our long term care experts recognize that many older adults struggle with medication management for a number of different reasons.

Some seniors have vision impairments which inhibit their ability to read medication labels while others find it difficult to swallow pills or suffer from confusion, memory loss, or forgetfulness. We have also found that social issues such as living alone or money constraints prevent some of our senior clients from taking their medications properly. In addition, some older adults do not have a clear understanding of what their medications are for or simply believe that they are free from any diseases or symptoms and do not need any medicine.

The good news is Comfort Keepers caregivers make it a priority to remind senior citizens to take their medications. They also encourage them to take advantage of one of our safety products known as The Pill Dispenser by SafetyChoice. This pill dispenser stands out from other pill dispensers on the market.


  • Features 60 medication cups that can each hold 20 to 25 pills

  • Connects to an older adult’s existing phone line

  • Uses voice, text, and light alerts to inform a senior of when they need to take a pill

  • Works for up to 12 hours in the event of a power outage

  • Locks to keep all pills safe and secure

  • Contains a dispensing button that’s easy to see and use


In the event that your older loved one does not take one of their medications after being prompted to do so by a voice, text, or light alert, you, a caregiver, or another family will be notified. Thanks to the Pill Dispenser by SafetyChoice, senior citizens can avoid a worsening health condition as well as severe health issues, trips to the emergency room, and hospitalization.


Learn More in a Complimentary Long Term Care Consultation

If you’d like more details regarding our state-of-the-art Pill Dispenser by Safety Choice, do not hesitate to contact us today. In a complimentary in home care consultation, we’ll be happy to share more information about the pill dispenser as well as the other safety products in our inventory.

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